Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thirsty for Art

So last time I updated I was throwing a fit about my cracked cell phone.  Which I am still using with all of its shattered glory.  It works good enough.  :p  Let me give you a run down of some things that have been going on since then...

I just recently finished a custom guinea pig for a nice lady in Australia.  Her little one turned out really good and is currently making his journey home.

My neighbors behind me decided, for whatever reason, that they should cut down the very old, very large, tree from their yard.  I'm very sad.  I loved that tree.  I would sit in my window and watch the squirrels and birds, the wind, and the seasons change.  Now she is gone.  I felt so helpless sitting there watching the destruction of her limbs.  When I couldn't stand to watch any longer, I could still feel her as she hit the ground with each resounding thud.  I miss her.

Unfortunately, the loss of the beautiful tree has put a slight damper on my landscaping plans for the yard.  Sweetheart and I are planning on installing a circular patio, or one made of faux cobblestones.  We are going to tear out the old unattractive patio, expand the flower bed planter in the center of it, and expand the other planter behind the house.  I found several terra cotta flower pots someone was just tossing out in the trash that are going to be filled with butterfly attracting flora.   So many ideas, and I can't wait to get started.  All of this depends on the approval of our landlord though.  :)  I'm sure she will be excited about it once she sees our schematics and sketches.  I want to build an arbor/trellis and a small table with benches.  While we were tearing out last years dead plants and raking up the debris, I found this little one!

A real ladybug with seven spots!  And I mean real one, not the asian ladybird beetle.  So I had a little fun with my macro lens out in the yard.  This is one of a bunch of shots I took.  I know its not the rare 9 spot ladybug.  I have yet to find one, but when I do, I hope I have my macro with me.  :)

I've been pretty lazy about creating lately.   My job wears me out, and when I get home to actually work on something new I been ending up on the couch researching cool, amazing, fantastic ideas I want to try.  Without art my soul dries out, and it's been like a damn drought the last couple months.  Its high time I get creating.  Even if that entails me literally throwing paint at a canvas.  On that note, I think I'll grab my sketchbook.