Monday, May 23, 2011

Dog Charms & New Things

A couple weeks ago, it might actually be a few weeks now, I was asked about creating a dog charm.  I took on the task and I am struggling with it.  :/  I've never sculpted a dog charm before, so its all new to me.  I've been trying to do a bust rather than the whole dog.  Keeping the charm small enough for a pendant, but also keeping the details of the dog in tact are both important.  He is turning out to be pretty tricky.
Besides that there has been other things going on in my life that are taking time away from my creative endeavors.  I've been cleaning up the yard with my sweetheart.  We planted some flower seeds.  I think something has already started to sprout.  Unless those are weeds...
I started a new job after a long search for additional employment.  I had the interview a couple weeks ago, and then they brought me in for a trial period.  A couple days ago, they told me they were going to keep me on.  Its exciting and stressful.  New things like this usually are for me.
Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday have both come and gone now.  I wasn't sure what to get her for those, but I ended up finding some things that were pretty cool.  Me and my sweetheart took her out to dinner, and that was nice.
I've been out clothes shopping a few times looking for new stuff for work and a dress for a wedding in June.  Being a girl, and going clothes shopping, doesn't necessarily mean that shopping is fun and rainbows and lollypops.  I pretty much loath looking for pants and dresses.  Most pants don't fit me right.  Dresses are a whole other ball of wax.  I might just have to break down and get pants then make alterations myself.  :/  What a pain.  Plus, I cant stand spending money on clothes.  :P
This weekend went by way too fast.  Hopefully I can find a rhythm between work and my shop and play.  The last few weeks I've neglected the shop, and the dog charm.  I need to get back to working on that as soon as I can.  Which, should be tomorrow.