Sunday, October 28, 2012


Fall.  Its hard for me to believe its almost November.  It feels like summer was just a blink ago.  The leaves have almost all fallen off my tree.  There are just a few flowers left holding on in my garden.  My marigolds seem to be thriving in the colder weather.  There are a couple moss roses in my front yard hanging on for their life.  With the cold weather, snow is sure to follow.  Colder weather makes me worry.  My neighborhood has many feral/stray cats.  I've been trying to keep them from multiplying.  A few years ago, I had the help of some local TNR folks to catch about 5 adults and 5 kittens.  These days one of the adults is still around.  There are a few new faces, adults and kittens.  This past spring, one of the new adult tabbys had 3 kittens. My sweetheart and I have been working on gaining their trust to someday be able to catch them and get them TNRed too.  Just in the last weeks we did accomplish that goal, and released them back to the yard.  Three less females able to have babies.  It makes me feel better knowing that they can't explode the population, but I'm sad at the same time.  These kittens are very sweet, and could easily transition to being house cats.  Unfortunately, we can't bring them in, or we would in a heartbeat.  So, the last couple days have been hard.  The temps are dropping and they seem to be okay, but it makes me sad that they are out there.  Ive built them a feral shelter, and I give them food and water.  So I try to make their life a little easier, but it still bums me out.

Three Backyard Princesses

On a lighter note, I did my first big show!  Preparing for it was exhausting!  But, I had a blast :) 

Batty Bats in progress
Glow Ghosties glowing

I'm considering doing the spring show in the coming march with a whole new line of charms.  But if that is going to happen, I had better get busy.  With the holidays approaching, I'm looking into doing a couple local craft shows.  Besides that, I'm also trying to figure out my xmas gift list. Once again, I've waited until late in the game to get moving on projects.  But, I don't feel the same pressure this year.  So that's good :)

Halloween is in a couple days, and then so is El Dia de los Muertos.  :)  I hope to make a couple new sugar skulls for the shop.  Until then, here is a couple shots of the pumpkins we've carved this years so far.

First set of pumpkins

Second set of pumpkins
We have four more to carve :)  I love Halloween!