Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm going to take a few minutes to unload.  I don't plan on doing this very often here.
Today was the last day our Borders had its doors open.  Its meeting its end, much like the final chapter of a book.  I can't help but feel a little sad tonight.  Its hard to understand sometimes how a large company can meet its end like this.  I know why Borders is, there are many reasons and I could list them, but I wont.  It still baffles me though for a few moments every now and then.  Over 11,000 people are losing their jobs all over the country.  Not to forget the thousands before this when the company closed 1/3 of their stores a few months ago trying to get it together and save the business.  So many jobs lost.  Its a major disappointment.
My sweetheart brought home a few books with him tonight.  Everything good was pretty much gone a few weeks ago.  You could maybe find something good here and there if you picked thru enough stuff.  Most likely though, it wasn't something you were looking for in the first place.  A handful of good ones managed to squeak by.
Beyond my obvious reasons for sadness, I'm angry.  Yeah, I'm pretty irritated.  We have been applying for jobs all over the place.  Aside from the lack of them in general, I have a separate gripe.  And that is, personality tests.  I hate them.  I think they are a ridiculous waste.  We haven't encountered many of them yet, but we did just fill one out a few days ago.  It was so ridiculous.  They say to fill it out how you feel, and not to put too much thought into it, or answer how they think you want them to answer.  After 30 minutes it took to fill it out, a few days later we receive the "thanks but no thanks" email.  Whatever happened to interviews? First interview, second interview, talking face to face, getting to know someone.  Most times you could fill out an app, and hand in a resume, and that was all it took.  I just don't see how it can be determined what a person is like based on what seems like the same 15 questions asked 5 different ways over the course of 12 pages.  Infuriating.  I was hired into Borders by word of mouth mainly.  A friend dropped my name, I filled out a paper application, got called for an interview, then a second interview, and was hired.  Shortly after my hire, they changed their process to computer apps and personality/psych tests.  Honestly, I think it was as hit and miss for employee hires as much as paper apps.  Maybe more miss than hit in fact.  There were a small handful of good employees that came from the computer apps, but then there were also, quite a few people that were terrible workers, unmotivated, lazy, and just belligerent.  So much for the personality tests.

Anyway, I haven't been a very busy bee for the shop lately.  My job has been taking a lot of my energy.  I also need to clean my work space.  Its a big cluttered.  I might have a few inches to work on at the moment.  I really wanted to have a bunch of Halloween charms made by now.  I've really fallen behind.  However, I don't have any craft shows lined up (not even sure if it will be a possibility to do any right now).  I still wanted to make some.  Not that there isn't time to get a few new ones cranked out.  I also have been kicking around a new idea that I really want to get moving on.  I've just been hesitating on it.  I need to promise myself to get this space clean so I can do some work. :p  I did manage to finish a new skirt over the weekend.  Its plain black.  I will have to post some pictures later.  :) 

Until then, here's a shot of my wild flowers.  :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

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