Friday, July 23, 2010

New Shop Items

A new necklace and a new pair of earrings are up in the shop today! :)
Gable Jasper and Frosted Hematite

Green Turquoise and Frosted Black Onyx with Sterling Silver

I am so happy with how these pieces turned out.  The necklace has this really dark mysterious feel to it.  The earrings are dangly and can be dressed up or down when worn.  Thanks for looking :D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sugar Skulls in the Shop Today!!!

I'm so excited to finally get these in the shop.  I have received so much positive feedback, and I couldn't ignore the opportunity to share them with everyone.  :)
I hope you like them!

Red Flourishes
Sunflowers & Vines

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sugar Skulls

I've decided to put my sugar skulls in my shop.  :D  I took the first seven designs and redid them. They turned out so much nicer now that I am using a different varnish. Each skull will come attached with a locked sterling silver ring on a solid black rubber cord with sterling silver elements and sterling silver spring ring clasp.

I'm so excited to start offering these. I did a lot of planning and research on what I wanted. I was debating between different cords and chains. It came down between a black leather cord and the black rubber cord. When I ordered the rubber I was worried that it was going to be cheap and hollow like so much rubber cord I have seen. I thought I would end up using the leather because I figured it would look better. When my samples came in though, I fell in love with rubber. Its solid, smooth, and hangs beautifully. The leather cord was okay, but it wasn't what I expected. It had a shiny finish to it for some reason. Which I didn't remember from the pictures or the description when I placed the order. Its not bad leather cord, but it didn't work with the skulls at all. It looked sloppy. But this rubber, its perfect. It has a soft matte finish to it that doesn't over power or draw attention away from the skull.
I was also debating on these sterling silver locking jump rings I found or a simple sterling silver split ring. The locking jump ring brings a little extra something to the design. Its different, and it locks.  I like that because once I've locked it shut, the skull wont fall off or work its way out. So the skulls will be safe. With the amount of work that goes into each one of these skulls I would be devastated if it fell off. I've almost completely eliminated that possibility with the exception of a catastrophic event. I would imagine that that would be something like when my fine chain necklace got caught on something and snapped.

To start I will be listing two skulls in the shop this week, hopefully in the next day or so. :)